Glad you could make it!

This blog is for anyone from small business owners to individuals who are in the market for graphic design, website development or internet marketing. I will cover a wide range of topics to help you understand where to start looking, what options you have and how to accomplish your goals while keeping within your budget.

My blog is also a place for you to report your good experiences and not-so-good experiences working with designers and/or web developers.


4 Responses to Glad you could make it!

  1. Barbara says:

    I’m starting a new business and look forward to reading your posts on how to go about finding the right people to set my marketing into motion.

  2. John says:

    Your work is very clean and professional. When our next direct mail program rolls around, we’ll be contacting you.

  3. Raymond says:

    Working with DIane I know the dp results will be creative, fresh, and spot on when it comes to market needs. Her network of vendors and print expertise are critical to getting the jobs done on time and at a high quality level of finish.

  4. John de Melo says:

    Nothing but the best in skill and execution. Diane had to be very talented and good to be trusted as the designer on my first two books. The covers have received glowing praise. Her creative skills were not only evident on the cover design but also on the appropriate blurbs. My gratitude for such professional work is very sincere.

    JC de Melo

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